How Medicare Works

Original Medicare

Medicare is very Easy and Confusing all at the same time, what you have to know is that there is an option for you, Basic Medicare has 3 Parts A, B, and D.

Medicare allows you to see any Doctor Nationwide that accepts Medicare

A - is the Hospital Portion It has a High Deductible when you go into the hospital

B - is your Doctors, Medical Tests, and Durable Medical Equipment. It has a small yearly Deductible and then Medicare covers 80% leaving you with 20% and any excess charges that your Doctor may charge, which is up to 15% MORE than what Medicare allows. (Not all states allow Excess Charges

D - This is the Prescription part of Medicare

   Part D is administered by private companies that are contracted with Medicare, and regulated by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services. These plans have small premiums

Medicare Options

With Medicare you have a few options.

Option 1 - Original Medicare only

Option 2 - Original Medicare and add a Part D Plan

Option 3 - Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage Plan)

   This option combines your Medicare benefits into an all in one plan that in many cases provides additional benefits such as Dental and Vision.

Option 4 - Original Medicare, Part D Plan, and a Medicare Supplement Plan

   Option 4 is the most comprehensive option, however, it is also the option with the highest premiums in most cases